Abraham Opoti

Photo by Daniel Mick

Abraham Opoti joined the Dark Clouds how most people do, through a friend who invited him out for a beer. That led to shared laughter on the DETHLOON, then being a bus captain due to a willingness to carry beer. Another friend got him to be on the capo stand up at NSC, which lead to running for the GBC board by friends saying that he should run for election. These friends saw all that Opoti had been doing on Matchday and thought he would lend a valuable perspective to the board.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of making sure that the group who welcomed me with open arms continues to do so for new members. This community is incredible, for its service to others and for its ability to make people brand new to it feel like long-time members.”

An avid snowboarder, Opoti often spends his time in the winter on a mountain somewhere, praying for snow. You can usually find him on the drum on matchday or on the capo stand trying to wave flags without obstructing everyone’s view.


Abe's term ends March of 2022.