With the growing concern over the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Wonderwall has been monitoring the situation closely and understand the uncertainty regarding travel. As a result Wonderwall will be offering refunds for AWAY DAY TICKET PURCHASES to anyone choosing not to travel due to the Coronavirus.

To receive a refund you must email the Travel Committee two weeks (14 days) in advance at travel@mnwonderwall.com citing your order number and decision not to travel due to the Coronavirus.

Wonderwall has been in contact with the Independent Supporters Council and Major League Soccer about potential actions to play in empty venues, delay games or postponements and will be keeping purchasers of Away Day tickets as up-to-date as possible.



Join the Wonderwall Supporters Bus to Chicago - Fueled by Summit. Thanks to our good friends at Summit Brewing, Wonderwall will be chartering a coach bus with 30 seats for a round-trip to Chicago for the May 11th match against the Chicago Fire. Summit Brewing is subsidizing over half of the cost for each seat on the bus!

On board our bus we'll not only have delightful beer from Summit - Slugfest, Cabin Crusher and Summer Ale to name a few - but we'll also have a bathroom, power outlets, Wi-Fi and a DVD player. We will depart at 7:15 AM Saturday May 11th and return early in the morning Sunday, May 12th - hopefully with three points in tow. For a full schedule events, please read below.


There are only thirty (30) seats available for this bus. Tickets purchased from the Wonderwall Shop on, or before, April 12th will be $50. Tickets purchased from April 13th until May 5th will be $60. Note, this ticket only includes a seat on the bus - you must still purchase a match ticket.

All riders on the Wonderwall Supporters Bus to Chicago - Fueled by Summit MUST BE 21+.

What to bring

Schedule of Events - Saturday May 11th

Parking is limited at the Wonderwall Headquarters; please consider taking public transportation or ride sharing services.

If you have any additional questions please email our travel team.