How to Join or Become a Supporters Group

The Wonderwall is a collection of Supporters Groups (SGs) which have a common goal of providing full throated support for Minnesota United FC and engaging and serving our community.

The easiest way to join an SG is to purchase season tickets in the Wonderwall, the supporters section for Minnesota United FC. If you wish to purchase an individual membership, aside from season tickets in the supporters section, you can visit Dark Clouds, True North Elite or Red Loons.

To purchase a season ticket you can visit the MNUFC ticket site or call the team at 763.4SOCCER

If you're interested in becoming an affiliated supporters group, be sure to reach out to our board of directors via email.

 In order to become an officially recognized SG, organizations MUST have:
-A minimum of 25 members (either season ticket or individual membership holders).
-A charter containing a mission statement.
-A social media presence and stable method of communication with the Wonderwall.

To apply to become a Supporters Group please email us

Applicants will hear back on their status within four weeks from the time the Wonderwall Board of Directors receives the application. Applications will move either to an evaluation period or will be denied; submitting an application DOES NOT mean automatic approval.

NOTE: SGs in the evaluation period show as an option in the ticketing system's drop down affiliation selector following the end of the season in which they applied and may not appear for mid-season renewal purposes.

If you have questions about the application process please email us

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