Our Supporters Groups

Dark Clouds

Formed in 2004, the Dark Clouds are Minnesota’s largest independent soccer supporters group. Wherever Minnesota United FC go, “Dark Clouds Follow”. The Dark Clouds can be found yelling and waving flags on match day, or volunteering throughout the Twin Cities with the (ISC 2018 Philanthropic Group of the Year) Dark Clouds Silver Lining.

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Red Loons

Red Loons are a leftist supporters group who believe soccer and community are intertwined. We believe soccer should be fun, accessible, and free from bigotry and discrimination.

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True North Elite

Since the founding of this group in 2015 it’s been about match day, supporting the boys with an internationally influenced style. Rowdy, boisterous, profane, and passionate, participation isn’t a polite suggestion, it’s a requirement. TNE doesn't stop there, they are out doing good in the community with Keepers of the North

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