Keepers of the North

Photo by James Norungolo

The Keepers of the North is the volunteering wing of True North Elite. They are focused on volunteer and fundraising opportunities primarily benefiting organizations in St. Paul (specifically the neighborhoods surrounding Allianz Field).

The Keepers of the North believe in servicing the communities and being a strong community partner for the area MNUFC will be calling home. Their skills and resources are best used on smaller, locally run community organizations that are often overlooked. Some recent projects include working with the Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, Mississippi Park Connection, Great River Greening, and Special Olympics of Minnesota.

The Keepers of the North follow the True North Elite mission statement — to welcome and support people from all walks of life and to support organizations that stand for equality and fight against hate.

For more information or to get involved in service activities or to participate in fundraiser efforts, please contact them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email.