Match Day Guide

Photo by Daniel Mick


Our Supporters Groups (SGs) typically gather before each and every home match. You can always venture out to one of our wonderful partner locations ahead of the match for a drink and a good time.

If you're interested in partying ahead of the match with the Dark Clouds or True North Elite, be sure to follow them on twitter to find where they'll be.

At TCF Bank Stadium

The Wonderwall is  sections 123-127 at TCF Bank Stadium. You can view the seating chart for the stadium. The team’s A-Z Guide for the stadium which includes entry restrictions is a good reference before you head into the stadium.

Please note TCF Bank Stadium’s water bottle policy:

  • Plastic personal water bottles (i.e. Nalgene bottles) are allowed
  • Retail plastic (i.e. Aquafina, Dasani, etc.) are NOT allowed
  • Coffee mugs or titanium/metal-type personal bottles are NOT allowed

TCF Bank Stadium has a Clear Bag Policy

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the TCF Bank Stadium Clear Bag Policy. Included in this policy is the location for bag checks, and the corresponding fees.

Flags and Musical Instruments

Flags are welcome in the supporters section. All flags must be approved by the team at the supporters entrance before they may be carried into the stadium.

Musical Instruments must be pre-approved by The Wonderwall prior to match day. Please email us to request approval to bring in an instrument.

Do not wave flags or play instruments in the concourses. This will result in your flag or instrument being taken away. Flags and musical instruments may only be waved or played in the supporters section.

Tifo Instructions

When tifo (a large banner held over a large part of the section) is being deployed, please pass/unroll material backwards to people/row behind you. If you see a tifo rolled up in the front of the section, please make sure you stand behind, not in front of, the banner to allow the tifo team to deploy.

Once the banner is up, please DO NOT wave, pull, punch, or hit the banner from underneath. Tifo looks best when it is laying as flat as possible. If you shake or hit it, it tends to make it harder to see.

Please follow capo and tifo crew’s directions for taking down the tifo so it can be easily re-folded.