On Objects Thrown in the Supporters Section

Photo by Daniel Mick

During the Loons' match against Seattle on August 4, 2018, some person(s) in our section threw projectiles onto the playing surface. Obviously this is completely unacceptable and Wonderwall will not tolerate this behavior, or behavior like it in the future.  This incident is a clear violation of our code of conduct, and places the entire section in jeopardy moving forward. The club's front office has shown faith in us, allowing us to self-police and agreeing to support the decisions made by the Supporters Conduct Review Board (SCRB). Failing to identify and subject the person(s) responsible for this incident to the SCRB is intolerable. Continued violations of the Code of Conduct can result in the loss of privileges, including but not limited to having all supporters section season tickets voided (see Chicago).

If you have any information regarding the person(s) responsible for this incident, please email us, so this issue can be resolved expediently.