Wonderwall 2019 Organizational Priorities

Jim Oliver and Abe Opoti at the 2018 Supporters Summit

As mentioned in the December 2018 Letter from the President, it is time to begin the 2019 Board of Directors elections process. For the next month, you can nominate yourself to run for the 2019 Board of Directors, nominations will close January 31, 2019. Elections will take place following our 2019 Supporters Summit, which is currently being planned and will be announced soon.

As promised, here are the priorities for the 2019 season (and beyond) to help align the needs of the organization with those interested in participating in the nomination and election process. In order for Wonderwall to be effective, the board must keep its eyes on both near-term and long-term goals. Some of which don't directly relate to MNUFC, soccer or Matchday at all.

  • Facilitate collaboration among the supporters groups (SGs) along with improving communication between Wonderwall and the SGs beneath the umbrella.
  • Find ways to match the diversity of the MNUFC supporters within our SGs and leadership positions.
  • Increase the diversity of our partnerships by finding ways to collaborate with more women-owned and minority-owned businesses in Minnesota.
  • Increase the number of active participants in Keepers of the North and Silver Lining volunteer events, while maintaining the current volunteer pool.
  • Finalize the process and paperwork to establish an independent 501(C)3 structure to increase the ability of Keepers of the North and Silver Lining to access more funds to do more good things with our community

Wonderwall will continue to focus on more than just this list. There are plans in 2019 to conduct another member survey, to better connect with and understand the goals of our members. The organization plans to continue to improve communication and transparency without spamming our members with too frequent updates.

If your interests and goals align with those of the organization, Wonderwall encourages you to nominate yourself for the 2019 Board of Directors elections.