Wonderwall Welcomes New Supporters Group - Dark Glitterati

Photo by Daniel Mick


St. Paul, MN - Today Wonderwall is officially announcing its newest affiliated Supporters Group. The Wonderwall Board of Directors is pleased to announce the addition of Dark Glitterati, a group of passionate MNUFC supporters whose goal is to create a group run differently from the established norm. They believe in the leadership of the women and LGBT members of our community. And sparkles – LOTS of sparkles*.

Dark Glitterati began supporting MNUFC at the Nessie (NSC). They are passionate in their support, focusing on creating a space for people to be who they are and to bring their own version of support into the stands. "It's important to maintain something we feel is authentic, not necessarily following the script of what being a soccer fan is," said Doreen Hartzell. "Admittedly, it's chaotic and not always synchronized – and that's just the way we like it."

"We are excited to welcome Dark Glitterati to the Wonderwall group of supporters. Many of their members have been a part of the Minnesota soccer supporter community for a long time, and we are excited to see their continued presence in the supporters section," said Abraham Opoti, President of Wonderwall. "They seriously love glitter, follow the sparkle trail and you'll be good."

Dark Glitterati is working to ensure there is a matchday space for supporters where:

  • LGBT positively is encouraged.
  • Women are the leaders.
  • Enthusiastic consent between the leaders and the crowd.
  • Personal space is respected.
  • Flags and loud singing are standard.
  • Sexist, racist, and other bigoted nonsense is not tolerated.
  • Speaking up for others is expected.

To learn more about Dark Glitterati,  you can email them, find them on Twitter or Facebook. If you're interested in joining and don't have seats in the Supporters Section - you can purchase an individual membership.


*Optional, but welcome.