2019 Board of Directors Candidate Profiles

2018 Supporters Summit

Board of Directors Elections are quickly approaching, beginning February 21st and continuing through February 28th, the elections will appoint three new Board of Directors Members for Wonderwall. The current board has already outlined their priorities for 2019 and beyond. In order to provide the best possible information to our members to vote here are a list of the candidates and some brief information about them.

In order to vote, one must have a membership (supporters section season ticket includes a membership) and have purchased a voting share. For full elections details and information please click here.

Here are your 2019 candidates for Wonderwall Board of Directors (in no particular order)

Ryan Wescome
I have been helping run the Game Day experience on the Instagram account since early to mid-season last year. I loved being involved and would be interested in getting even further involved. I am a season ticket holder in Supporters and attend most, if not every game. I also am highly involved in Reddit and other sports boards. I have always been fascinated with stats, rumors etc. and would love to have even more to pitch in. Lastly, I live in Anoka so my close proximity to NSC comes in handy for events such as the STH practice and luncheon.


Jenn Uitto

We need an equal presence of SGs on the board as well as opening the board for women. Woman are seen on the Capo stands and in the crowd of waves of supporters. Being active on the Wonderwall I will have the best intentions and interests of all the people. Being newer to any supporters group I see beyond the politics and the past. It has been a fantastic experience being in the crowds and volunteer opportunities. Outside my love for MNUFC I work as a recruiter for a secondary education school. I have the experience and the passion to engage and get people active in the SGs that fits them. Not vice Versa. I have made some amazing friendships within many of the SGs. I am there at meetings for Wonderwall when they are open to everyone as well as passionately volunteer with my TNE/Keepers of the North and MNUFC opportunities.



Alex Hintz
I would like to run for Board of Directors to represent the passionate fans that do not sit in the supporters section. Every time I bring someone to a MNUFC game, my favorite moment is when I see the look on their face when the Wonderwall begins singing and chanting. The supporters section brings excitement and energy to the entire stadium. As such, I think it is important to have a voice on the council that represents those fans that love the Loons and love watching and listening to the Wonderwall, but aren't actually part of it.


Eric Silva Brenneman

MNUFC (and previous team names/versions) supporter 15 or something years, member of 3 SGs, POC/multilingual, want to help connect and improve diversity in supporters sections and the organization, have a platform in local soccer media.



Jonathan Pavlica

I look forward to working with the SG's to help align all of our goals and will continue to focus on bridging the gaps that I have seen grow between some of them. As a 19-year resident of the Midway I am also looking to help out our local business owners to help them achieve the amount of success that can be had with the opening of Allianz field. As a member of TNE and Keepers of the North I allow myself to not only focus on the 90 but beyond.


Shuo Wang

I love soccer in the U.S. I love seeing the continued growth of MLS. The idea of directly helping this growth just sounds right to me. For 2018, I was lucky to be on the MNUFC Season Ticket Holder Advisory Council. My professional background is in Data Science and Analytics. I am also a Certified Scrum Product Owner. This means I would bring the ability to identify opportunities for Data Driven decision making while focusing on the "What are we actually trying to do" question. It's just how I'm wired. For me, this opportunity would be an area of personal growth and development. It would be fascinating to contribute to successfully setting up and structuring a 501(c)3 organization.


Charlie Piotrowski

Over the past couple of years being a part of the True North Elite, I've stood back and observed where things were heading during our tenure at TCF and felt that there could be some vast improvements to make things easier. I simply want to accomplish two things which would require collective effort. Firstly, I want to have the supporters section fully immersed in 90 minutes of pure game day energy. We're only meeting 60 minutes of it and want to work with the board to identify what we can do to bring that full immersion to those seasoned and new. Secondly, I feel that the merchandise should be more opened up to the group, there is not enough variety as well as designs that only appeal to one core group. As a family, we should have something different, something unique and a group collective that would turn heads and promote sales for future merchandise.