Season Ticket Holder Affiliation

Our supporters groups sold a larger number of individual memberships than anticipated this year, and as a direct result we've run out of all the membership scarves available for our new members and season ticket holders. In order to get an accurate picture of the number of scarves we need to order for each Supporters Group (SG) we're asking for all season ticket holders in the supporters section to add the affiliated group, or groups, in their SeatGeek profile.

Here's how to add a group, or more than one group, to your season ticket profile.

  • Visit https://seatgeek.com/mnufc/profile from a browser (not the SeatGeek mobile app)
  • Log in using the email associated with your season ticket profile (it MUST BE the email address and password on record for your season tickets)
  • Click on the OFFERS tab, which should have a notification icon with a number next to it
  • Select your affiliation - Dark Clouds, Red Loons or True North Elite
    • For Dark Glitterati please select 'OTHER' and write in Dark Glitterati
  • If you have one account with multiple tickets, and wish to affiliate with more than one supporters group, please select OTHER, and write in the different supporters groups and quantities. This information is passed to our membership team.
    • Example: An account has 6 tickets on it, choose 'OTHER' and type in Dark Clouds (1), Red Loons (2), True North Elite (1), Dark Glitterati (2)
    • If the quantities listed exceed the number of tickets in the account, the affiliations after the quantity is exceeded will be ignored
  • Submit

Once this has been submitted, the offer notification will remain, but you do not need to affiliate again, unless your preference changes. NOTE: Membership receives this list on a periodic basis, so please don't alter affiliations often.

If you have any questions as to how this works, please email our membership team. If you're interested in purchasing season tickets in the supporters section, please email Ellen Kokes to learn more. If you're interested in purchasing an individual membership please visit our online store and note these orders will be fulfilled once we have restocked our scarf supply.