Official Statement: MNUFC Bans Iron Front Symbol from Allianz Field

Photo by Daniel Mick

On Sept 9, we were informed by MNUFC officials about a unilateral, heavy-handed, ban of the iron front symbol from Allianz Field, the ban includes not only flags and banners but clothing and patches worn by individuals. We've reached out to representatives of the Front Office requesting a meeting for clarification, but at this time we have received no response. Wonderwall strongly believes in the rights of our individual members to express themselves and their beliefs. It is the passion of the individuals that collectively creates the passion for the team, which the team is more than happy to market and monetize.

Long before Minnesota United or MLS came on the scene, Minnesota soccer supporters advocated for a full-throated embrace of anti bigotry. This campaign continues today and should MNUFC and MLS continue their attempts to stifle it, supporters will be silent in the stands. With that in mind we call on Minnesota United, and for that matter Major League Soccer, to rescind the banning of the Iron Front symbolism, and embrace the right of individual expression within Allianz, or to immediately terminate the use of our supporters groups, images of our section, videos of us cheering on the team in promotional materials.  Our members are more than just marketing material.


Update, the evening of Sept 10, front office officials have reached out to schedule a meeting to discuss this. Our organization will make sure our voices are heard and the message will be clear, we will continue to advocate for our Supporters Groups and our members to express themselves as they've done long before the team was Minnesota United and the league was MLS


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