MNUFC Clarifies Position on Iron Front Ban in Meeting with Supporters

On Thursday, September 12, Wonderwall members and front office personnel for Minnesota United held a meeting about the team’s enforcement of the Major League Soccer (MLS) Fan Code of Conduct specifically seeking clarification on MLS’ ban on political language and behavior; and ensuring that a clear, effective and open channel of communication remains in place between the organization and its independent supporters.

During this meeting, the team clarified that MLS has banned Iron Front displays and large format images (flags, banners, tifo) and the ban does not extend to personal clothing or insignia, as initially understood. MNUFC will not prohibit or enforce the removal of Iron Front symbolism from individuals' clothing, in accordance with the rest of MLS Clubs.

Wonderwall will always support the rights of our affiliated supporters groups and individuals to express themselves freely on topics that they deem to be important. This includes the strenuous opposition to MLS' ban on the Iron Front symbol and their definition of political language which is supported by all affiliated SGs. We look forward to progress being made between Major League Soccer and the Independent Supporters Council during their discussions on September 19, 2019.

With the team back at Allianz Field this weekend, Wonderwall would like to remind everyone that threatening or abusive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.