Wonderwall Opens Nominations for 2021 Board of Directors

Photo by Daniel Mick

Wonderwall is now seeking candidates via an open nominations process, for the 2021 Board of Directors To nominate yourself, simply fill out this form. This year Wonderwall will be filling four (4) seats on the board.

The nominations period ends December 31, 2020, all nominations must be submitted prior to this date.

The Wonderwall Board of Directors guides decision making, policies and procedures for the Wonderwall organization and is very strategically focused. If you're looking to become more involved, or to participate in a particular aspect of Supporter Group culture (tifo, matchday, social media, etc) please send us an email and we can connect you with the appropriate people.

Wonderwall 2021 Organizational Priorities

  1. Create an organizational culture which attracts and elevates a diverse group of individuals in leadership positions for committees and the Board of Directors.
  2. Drive financial operations of the organization to be more transparent to all stakeholders.
  3. Document the institutional knowledge that exists in the supporters community, enabling smooth transitions in future leadership changes throughout committees and the Board of Directors.
  4. Re-establish lines of communication fractured by the impact COVID-19 has had on our community.
  5. Assist in establishing a formal relationship with the DGS foundation in order to increase the organization's charitable giving capacity.

If you think you're suited to help us achieve these goals, please complete this simple form. All candidates and candidate comments will be published prior to the election taking place. To learn more about Wonderwall, how it operates and its current Board of Directors, please visit the about us page.

Board of Directors Elections will take place following the Supporters Summit which is targeted for late January 2021, more information to follow.