January 2023 Wonderwall Board Meeting Minutes

Photo by Daniel Mick

Wonderwall Board Meeting Minutes
7:36 pm, 1/3/23, Zoom

WW Board: Andrew Beck (President), Maggie Heyer (Vice-President) Mel Birke, David Zeller, Robb Lauer
Dark Clouds: Sam Solberg, Anthony (TIFO)
TNE: Tonia Kruczek
Red Loons: None

Open to Public

  • TNE has not yet had positional elections. (Elections on Monday 1/9)


  • Update Comms
    • Erin will email Beck first thing Wednesday morning, per Sam
    • Request for more volunteers, per Maggi, we need to be consistent, with a plan for volunteers, not just one tweet. Plus other volunteer opportunities
  • Finance
    • No Update
    • [ACTION ITEM] – Andrew Beck will schedule Finance Meeting ASAP.
    • Corporation status filed with SOS, Annual Report due to March 31st

Old Business

  • Website Review
    • In progress, trying to find quick, easy mobile theme that has QR code for quick access to things that we need like chants, code of conduct, board members
  • Tech Review
    • No Update
  • Affiliation Process
    • Going out January 11th, hopefully done by end of January. Beck reaching out to Jim Crist for scarf stuff, language team has is Priority deadline of January 31st. Totally separate form not through SeatGeek.

New Business

  • Annual Meeting/Election
  • Heard back from Summit today
        • Mid-week, 6:30 doors, 7:00 pm program, 25-30 people. Possible foodtruck (minimum for truck), first drink at the door. Dates TBD, Mid- February.
  • Elections 
  • [ACTION ITEM]: Mel to confirm 4 board members whose terms are up (DONE)
  • Election date and time TBD, Form to go out soon to encourage more people to join board.
      • Comms needed for transparency on how/when to vote, actual vote counts, etc.
  • Pre-Season Meetings with FO
    • Match day
      • [ACTION ITEM]: Maggi to schedule internal Matchday Meeting with SGs
    • Match day with team
      • [ACTION ITEM]: Maggi to schedule Matchday Meeting with Leadership and MNUFC (Sittnick, Justin, Matchday staff?)
      • Possible Night Before Party at the Brew Hall (possible opportunity to hand out scarves, get to know new people in the section)
        • Might investigate another location if team unable/willing to do it. 
    • What others are needed?
      • WW + SG Leadership with FO (Sharri included) 
        • Should be scheduled for after elections to hopefully include new board members
        • [ACTION ITEM]: Maggi to schedule while scheduling Matchday Meeting

Open to Board

  • TIFO
    • Tifo systems and institutional knowledge are being established to make it faster and more efficient
    • Capital Investments: More rigid poles, Sketch wall is good
    • TNE Red Bulls Tifo- 90% sure they know where it is
      • If it’s in good shape and appropriate for the match we should use it.
    • Call for tifo submissions and for artistic types to submit tifo idea or help manifest someone’s vision

Open to Public

  • Doing consistent volunteer asks throughout the year