Wonderwall 2023 Election Results

Thank you to all who voted in the 2023 Wonderwall Board of Directors election. We had 68 shareholder ballots cast, our highest number since 2018. Based on the results of the election four members were elected; Maggi Heyer, Ryan Zumsen, Daniel Ditmanson and Anthony de Sam Lazaro. Maggi was re-elected for a second term, while Ryan, Daniel and Anthony will be serving their first terms. Thank you to all who stepped up as nominees this year. 


As we announced in 2022, following requests from members for added transparency, we are sharing a summary of this year’s voting. Below is the vote summary from ElectionBuddy, the third party service we use to administer our elections. Wonderwall uses ranked choice voting for our elections, and these results are broken out by first choice, second choice and third choice based on how many rounds of counting it took for four candidates to reach the minimum votes needed to be elected. 


68 of 124 ballots cast.

       Candidate: Members


         Round 1:

           Ryan Zumsen: 15.00 votes 23.08%

           Daniel Ditmanson: 7.00 votes 10.77%

           Maggi Heyer: 35.00 votes 53.85%

           Anthony de Sam Lazaro: 6.00 votes 9.23%

           Jens Selin: 2.00 votes 3.08%

           Tim Naumann: 0.00 votes 0%

         After round 1, Ryan Zumsen and Maggi Heyer were elected for reaching the quota of 13 votes each.

         Votes tallied: 65.0

           Abstentions: 3

         Round 2:

           Ryan Zumsen: 21.17 votes 32.65%

           Daniel Ditmanson: 14.17 votes 21.86%

           Maggi Heyer: 13.54 votes 20.89%

           Anthony de Sam Lazaro: 13.24 votes 20.42%

           Jens Selin: 2.63 votes 4.06%

           Tim Naumann: 0.08 votes 0.12%

         After round 2, Daniel Dittmanson and Anthony de Sam Lazaro were elected for reaching the quota of 12.97 votes each.

         Votes tallied: 64.83

           Abstentions: 3

         Round 3:

           Ryan Zumsen: 21.17 votes 34.08%

           Daniel Ditmanson: 14.17 votes 22.81%

           Maggi Heyer: 13.54 votes 21.80%

           Anthony de Sam Lazaro: 13.24 votes 21.31%

         After round 3, Ryan Zumsen, Daniel Dittmanson, Maggi Heyer, and Anthony de Sam Lazaro were elected for reaching the quota of 12.42 votes each.

         Votes tallied: 62.12

           Abstentions: 3


We are excited to welcome four fantastic members to the board.  We look forward to the upcoming season and hope to provide you with more consistent updates from Wonderwall over the next year. Officer elections will be held during our next board meeting on February 28th, 2023 at 7:30pm via Zoom (please note that the meeting will begin in a closed session to allow the board to complete officer elections, other attendees will be admitted at 7:45pm). 


Finally, a huge thanks to Andrew Beck and David Zeller for helping to administrate the election this year.