April 2023 Board Meeting

7:33 pm, April 04, 2023, Zoom

WW (Dark Clouds GBC) Board: Maggi H (P), David Zeller (VP), Ryan Zumsen (T) Mel B. (Sec) Anthony, Daniel Ditmanson

Dark Clouds: Meagan Weber, Nick Moore, Jens 

True North Elite: Tonia Kruczek

Red Loons: Kristopher Scheld, 

Unaffiliated: Adam Wells, Nick Gundlach, Marc Flanagan

Absent: Andrew Beck


April 2023 Dark Clouds GBC Board Meeting 


  1. Open to Public
    1. Nick Gundlach brought up the request to look into buses and offering
      1. KC is an option for busable remaining this season
        1. Cincinnati & Nashville - No away this year
  2. Reports
    1. Finance
      1. Recent passthrough payment questions
      2. What season, and quarter the payment is for
        1. August through then - Membership cost is $25
        2. Payments are not prorated - 
        3. Request was for payment to be earlier next year
      3. Timing of the payment does not result in clear what it’s for
      4. What happens if people purchase 
        1. Costs associated to the Shopify store to validate the profit share with the SGs
        2. On pace to sell more independent memberships than years in the past
        3. Red Loons may have to order more scarves - Sold 150 
    2. Tifo
      1. April 15 Tifo is done - Peeling more than the other materials - 
      2. Plan for the load in and deploy - 
      3. May 17 - Next tifo - There is no design
        1. Need someone to captain - Or target another date for Tifo
        2. Go to the Tifo Committee - To see if we can wrangle more help
      4. June 3 is Pride Tifo
    3. Comms
      1. Maggi continues to do the comms
      2. Erin continues to be busy - June is the target start for Erin to take over
  3. Old Business
    1. Website Review
      1. Partner Page - 
      2. New landing page picture
      3. Inventory of the remaining pages
      4. Annual Report on the old site - Post it
        1. Landing Page - Annual Report - Nick will post the report
    2. Tech Review
      1. Office internet plan
        1. Need to figure out Signatories
    3. Affiliation Process/Passthrough formalization
      1. Anthony, Maggi, Alicia Pederson, meet with Sean and Kendall, who works with Sean – Leading the process from the MN United FO 
        1. Reviewed affiliation agreement - the handshake agreement - to be in contractural 
        2. In terms of payment, along with ticket holder information
        3. Request is for Wonderwall to take on the affiliation process - Target is to get things in writing by the end of May
  • Target is to have it finalized by June in time for the renewal process
  1. May need stronger CSM
    1. David will gather a list of opportunities
      1. Review with Nick & Ryan
  2. Price of the Wonderwall pass through is $25 since 2013
    1. Serious review of the $25 based on multiple parts of the cost for SG, scarves, shipping, etc.. 
    2. Board needs to have a stronger financial details


  1. Meeting Recap
    1. Kickoff Event - AAR, additional Events
      1. Event went well. Stadium hosting was not ideal
        1. Megan: Neutral site - Lessen the match day handout - Cross SG events are nice
        2. Maggi: The team will be hosting more HH dates
        3. Daniel: Can the Team use their social media to publish that event in the future? - Concern about the 
        4. Tonia: Saw new people that they continue to see at events
        5. Wonderwall Hosted HH Event in the mid-June Open Cup Break
      2. Look at other partners for watch party partners
  2. Board Code of Conduct
    1. WWMN Board Code of Conduct Draft- Final
    2. Daniel: In some cases, there are she/her - him - use singular they throughout the document
    3. Public Conduct Section 6: Morality Clause
    4. Anthony: There is no listing of details of disciplinary - Maggi: We have a strong code of conduct. 
    5. Maggi: Language should read as ‘When you are representing the wonderwall”
    6. Anthony: Will work on the disciplinary actions
  3. Non-SG Merch Policy
    1. Update on TW Merch Plan
      1. Ryan needs to draft the policy for non-SG merch
        1. Ideas for charity merch - Where WW would not take profits
        2. Ideas for non-SG merch - 
  4. Annual Report Status
    1. Playbook Needed
      1. 14-points higher this year than last year
      2. Bennett & Beck did a great job to bring up that score
      3. Continued work can be done to improve the score
      4. There were a few questions on the Annual Report
        1. Maggi is happy to host on how the Annual Report is done
        2. How things are scored - And how the assessment is done
  5. Committee Liaison Discussions

One board member who is responsible for gathering information from each group

  1. Matchday - Daniel
  2. Tifo - Anthony
  3. Partnerships - David
  4. Finance - Ryan
  5. Membership - Maggi
  6. Communications - Maggi
  7. Technology - Mel
  8. Travel - David
  9. Merch - Ryan
  1. New Business
    1. WW watch party/Luce line partnership
      1. Daniel: Space could fit 20-30, Friendly people - Lent is hard time y’all
      2. David: Watch parties are SG affiliated - Tim is requesting a WW watch party
      3. Ryan: 1,600 - 1,700 that pay the pass through - and only 50% of them are affiliated with - There is a responsibility to the rest of the wonderwall - there isn’t as much with conflicting with the SG watch parties - where the Wonderwall has a large part of Wonderwall that aren’t part of the SG culture
      4. Maggi: The Board cannot support a member being present at the watch party - Don’t want to support Wonderwall being seen as the SG - Saying yes would need to also be approved by the SGs - 
        1. How can we support the place - What is WW willing to do for them - Can you call it a watch party -
      5. Tonia: Remembers the last mtg, that there was a DC rep that was near Lucid - 
      6. Meagan - Cannot call it a WW watch party - Approach this as a Partner bar
      7. David: Loons watch party - and the SGs will retweet it, and IG share as long as it’s not called a WW watch party? 
        1. Need to figure out the language we could use - and what could be shared
      8. Ryan: What would it look like if we had multiple places - that wanted this]
      9. David will write up the Partnership Bar language - 
      10. Teams agreed that SGs can show up to these 


  1. Heartberry Merch Collaboration
    1. Sarah is planning to also sell the apparel 
    2. Complicates how to handle the order
    3. Identify who is going to be responsible for production of the tee shirt
    4. Target logistics to be in place by the 15th
      1. WW preference is to take in the sales are part of the site
      2. Single point of sale will simplify the process
      3. Link can be shared to be published for sale on Heartberry site
      4. Option: for WW to host the presale - 
      5. Merch team had issues with Sweatshirt vendor that was identified by Heartberry
      6. Jim should be the best point of contact - Bruski - Tonia to be included
      7. Shirt will be cross SG - It is not WW merch
    5. Stickers - Can be ordered, but not for the 15th
      1. Having stickers may drive sales to the tees
      2. Board approval to move forward with sticker idea
      3. Merch Sub Committee needed
  2. Scope of Affiliate/SG committee
    1. Andrew Beck is leading this - 
    2. David: When Dark Clouds had to rewrite the bylaws - Trying to keep the scope as narrow as possible - WW does not have a ton of documentation on what affiliation means. But things in writing. Scope assigns what it means to be an SG, what it means to be an affiliate, and what are the benefits of that. This will help satisfy taxes, and the annual report. Give and take of the affiliates. It’s important to formalize. . 
    3. Maggi: Expectations of how WW will treat and benefit the SGs. Along with the expectations for the SGs. For example: Annual fundraising goals. WW has B-Corp requirements for this. 
    4.  Need that first meeting to review - 
    5. Anthony: How to get more groups involved. The rights and responsibilities for an affiliated - Build that into a way to incubate smaller supporter groups
  3. TNE Scarf Situation
    1. $2,000 quote - 
    2. This will be 40% of last years WW revenue
    3. 400 Scarves
    4. Hard Proofs Required
      1. David Motioned to get the TNE scarves reprinted - within reason, for the dollar amount on the invoice - Daniel seconded - Motion passed
  4. WW Signatory Discussion
    1. Jim Christ & Abe are legal signatories 
    2. President, VP, and a third person who is involved, who is not on the board
    3. Changing signatories is changes somewhat often is ok
    4. Motion to add David & Maggi,and removing Abe & Jim -  as signatories on the banking account - Motioned: by Ryan, Second: Daniel, Favor: Mel, Anthony, Daniel, Ryan, Maggi, David - Motion approved.
  1. Tabled for Future Meetings
    1. Rebrand
    2. Annual meeting/election playbook
    3. Supporting Bus Trips as part of the overall mission
    4. Wonderwall Hosted HH Event in the mid-June Open Cup Break
    5. Board Code of Conduct
  2. Open to Board
    1. No items raised
  3. Open to Executives
    1. No items raised
  4. Actions
    1. Ryan: Costs associated to Shopify to validate the profit share with the SGs
    2. David: Will gather list of csm opportunities
    3. Anthony: Go to the Tifo Committee - see if we can wrangle more help
    4. Nick: Post Annual Report to Old / New Websites
    5. Anthony: Will work on the disciplinary actions write up - share draft
    6. Ryan needs to draft the policies for non-SG & charity merch
    7. Maggi: Annual Report - Playbook Needed
    8. David: Loons Asylum partnership details
    9. Maggi: Need scarf process in place - to avoid the need for the reprint
    10. Maggi: Work with Andy to get new signatories in place


Meeting closed 9:17pm CST by Maggi