August 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Dark Clouds GBC (MN Wonderwall) August Board Meeting Minutes

August 7, 2023 - Zoom - 7:32pm - Call to Order

WW Board: Maggi H (P), David Zeller (VP), Ryan Zumsen (T) Mel Birke (Sec) Anthony dSL, Andrew Beck, Daniel Ditmanson

Dark Clouds: Meagan Weber

True North Elite: Tonia Kruczek

Red Loons: Kristopher Scheid

Thunderwall:  –

Unaffiliated: –

Absent WW Board Members: Andrew Beck


  1. Open to Public
    1. No public members were present


  1. Committee Updates
    1. Tifo | Anthony
      1. Two designs to get done this weekend
      2. One design for Aug27 - The other for an anticipated need
      3. Socials have gone out - SGs to push


  1. Finance | Ryan
    1. Defined who is required for finance meetings
      1. Treasurer, Andy as the Trustee, plus a rep from each SG Group
      2. Optional for all others who are in the Finance Channel
    2. Dash Cards to be replaced by Ramp - to help further reconcile
      1. Goal to set this up by the start of 2024
    3. Accounting Cleanup Continues with Ryan & Andy
      1. Updates being made to make sure things are reconciled accurately
    4. Balance in the Checking Account is ~$100,000
      1. $54,000 in Shopify Sales to date
      2. $8,500 in Memberships this Year
      3. Year to Date that SGs have brought in themselves
      4. Net Sales after Cost of Goods, before revenue sharing
        1. Dark Cloud $7,400
        2. Red Loons - $1,100
        3. TNE - $500 
    5. Cash Deposit Policies have been updated for Direct Deposit to avoid fees
    6. Fee from a Law Firm needs to be addressed for funds transfer
    7. Donation for The Avenues - $1,000 
    8. Pride Shirt Profits Donation is Pending


  1. Thunderwall | Daniel
    1. Fun representing the other parts of MNUFC
    2. Outstanding Cost that has not been paid - Receipt to turn in
    3. Thunderwall Scarves have arrived


  1. Comms | Maggi 
    1. Tifo Sign Out went out today
    2. Post prepped for the KC Bus Trip
    3. Call Out for Social Media Manager Volunteers
    4. Code of Conduct to be posted this week


  1. Old Business
    1. Website Review
      1. Link to the Minutes does not work - Page to support posting PDFs
      2. Need a difference between Old Site, Mobile - next steps
    2. Chant App
      1. Need to provide access
      2. Action: Anyone that would like to have access - Send a note to Maggi who will coordinate with Tom at Chant
      3. Plan to have a discussion about this September 
    3. Away Bus for KC Oct 21
      1. Deposit for the bus has been paid 
      2. Link setup for the Hotel
      3. Ready to go live this week
      4. September 20th is the last date the deposit can be returned
      5. Bus has been subsidize from $117 to $100
      6. Hotel room is $185 - Booking will be done seprately 
      7. Decision to be made on the Go No Go value - In Slack
    4. Zarek Partnership - Pins & Hats
    5. Office Internet
      1. Can be closed out - As of July - Internet is working
      2. Recurring bill will now show up on the Spire Card
    6. Affiliation Process/Passthrough formalization
      1. Renewal notices have already been sent out
      2. ACH information has been shared - so no more checks!!
    7. Artem Project Update
      1. Family is very appreciative of the donations 
      2. Fundraiser to be hosted at the Brew Hall - Would be postseason
      3. Or having it at an alternate place - could result in higher amount of donations
        1. Anthony will review with Kori
        2. Notify the group if additional board members should participate
    8. Non-SG Scarves | Player Scarves
      1. Tonia: TNE wasn’t a fan 1. Individual presence could be lost. 2. Having three scarves given would help educate 3. Having the personal interaction for each SG would be lost with each scarves
      2. Meagan: In agreement with TNE - No support from the people that responded - Each have their own identity - If it’s more about the umbrella org, it dilutes what they are doing as individuals
      3. No comments from Red Loons
      4. Idea has been tabled - will not move forward
    9. WW/Exec/FO Meeting
      1. Schedules are being reviewed - Maggi will follow up with Sean
    10. SG Affiliates Conversation
      1. Andrew to share in the Board Channel
      2. Expectations of what would be done by Wonderwall Collective and what the SGs would be expected to be provided by them
      3. Non-Affiliated Groups - And how those organizations interact
      4. Action: Andrew to get the next meeting on the books
      5. Outlining the benefits of using the Wonderwall 


  1. New Business
    1. Leagues Cup away fans conversation 
      1. Puebla Match - ‘not ideal’
      2. They did not have an SG to make the presales with - Did not anticipate selling that many tickets
      3. PreSale has been setup for Tuesday’s Match  - Section 108 & 109
      4. Language Changed in the WW Ticket Purchase
      5. Sandwich boards language has been updated
      6. Posted to be printed
        1. To be posted in the ADA Sections
        2. Get them down into the corners of the Wonderwall / diagonals
        3. Tifo closet may still have freestanding signs
        4. Wonderwall Collective will be used as part of the posters
      7. Hosting Club America - potentially this weekend
      8. Club is noting this is a learning process - Board will be diligent and proactive
      9. Wearing - National Team Kits will not be enforced - Team is not willing to go to the National Team Kit level
        1. Opinion: No other jerseys, national, or EPL or any other should be worn in the Wonderwall
      10. If something does occur during the match:
        1. Escalate to Security - Text Line
        2. Drop it into the Slack Executive Channel - Tag people
        3. Have someone from the Board monitor the Slack Channel - and go to the situation
        4. Communicate during the match during
        5. Grab anyone in MNUFC Shirts or BEST Security 
      11. Text Line: There were threats of violence during the last match that wasn’t answered
        1. Multiple texts were sent - with no response
        2. Only when a text was sent to Sean
      12. Maggi to get Credentials for David Zeller & Anthony 
    2. Zarek hat discussion - Meeting set for the Zarek Partnership - Aug 9
      1. Hats are already in Production
        1. Wonderwall is being asked to front the money for the cost
        2. There has been no proof shared | or the Charity that will be donated
        3. Hats will not be sold in the United Team Store
        4. How many were produced, per unit cost, are open questions
          1. Cost of operating should be considered as part of this
          2. This scenario would be something included in the Affiliate 
        5. Update to be shared on Wednesday evening
        6. Slack Channel to be setup with SGs and Zarek for the designs for the patches / pins


  1. Tabled for Future Meetings **
    1. Rebrand
    2. Annual Meeting/Election Playbook (David)

Will get a mtg set - Idea to bring in an additional individual 

  1. Annual Report Playbook (Maggi)
  2. Member Scarf Playbook (Maggi)
  3. Increase the cost of the membership and comms plan for 2025 (Nov2023)
  4. **All of the above will be included in the September Agenda (outside of Increased Cost)


  1. Open to Board
    1. Action taken to add all above items to September Agenda
    2. SGs to start discussion about supporting an increased membership cost
      1. Share any feedback received - Ask those who go to the matches


  1. Open to Executives
    1. none


Meeting adjourned -  8:52pm CT