December 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Dark Clouds GBC dba Wonderwall Collective December Board Meeting 

12/5/2023, Zoom


Meeting Called to Order 7:32, Immediately closed

Directors in Attendance- Zeller, Maggi, Anthony dSL, Andrew Beck, Daniel Ditmanson

Missing-Ryan, Mel Birke

SG Leadership-Tonia Kruczek (TNE), Megan Weber, Nick Rodriguez (DC), Mark Herdin, 



Open Discussion-Closed to the Public 


Open to Public Comment

Opened at 7:44

  • No items from the public


Committee Updates


  • Working on 2024 budget proposal
  • Outlining alternatives to Tifo, flags, flairs, etc. - to present to the FO


  • Budgets are due by December 15, 2023
  • YTD Incoming Spending
    • $83k at end of 2022
    • $126k at the end of 2023 (Current balance)
      • $78k received through pass-through
      • Shopify sales were higher than last year - $74k in 2023
    • Dash Account will be closed - $3k balance
      • New cards will be shared over
      • Virtual cards will be organized by committee
    • 2023 Tax Estimate is in progress
      • ~$9k in Federal
      • ~$4k in State


  • Budget is being worked on
  • Scarf design is in progress for 2024
  • Working on a practice space


  • Dark Clouds will no longer use Hootsuite - No longer working with Twitter, to a free platform, Maggi will review if this will work for WW comms
  • Reach out to local orgs, colleges to see if we can find a volunteer - Communications & sports management
    • Internship may need to be bigger than just WW Comms
    • Opportunity to build the Comms Playbook - for someone to then execute against
    • Need to prepare to write the job description up
      • Include other opportunities within Wonderwall

Action: Andrew Beck, Daniel & Maggi to setup time to review a proposal together



Old Business

Website Review

  • Meeting notes need to be uploaded to the website 

Action Item - Maggi will be uploading the meeting note

Chant App

  • Dark Clouds will be using the Chant App in 2024
  • Last meeting with the vendor, he suggested to setup unique groups within the app
  • There are three separate accounts. Other groups have it setup with an umbrella setup, with multiple groups within it - It is unlikely the Chant App will be used to manage affiliation.

Affiliation Process/Passthrough Formalization

  • Brief conversation with Sean - No specific updates
  • FO Legal had time to review the agreement, revisions to be sent back to WW from FO - Agreement includes the ability to send emails out for the affiliate process (only to get affiliation, and opt-in to receive emails)
  • Consent is required to send more emails - Proposal from the team is due

Artem Project

  • Closing this out - Thank you Anthony for the work done

SG Expectations - Board voted & approved

  • Andrew motioned to approve the SG Expectations document
  • Zeller seconded, Motion approved unanimously 


  • Updated due date is Dec 15, 2023

Membership Costs

  • This would be for 2025
  • Topic for the next in person meeting


New Business

  2024 Annual Meeting & Elections - January 30, 2024

  • People to review options on where this could be held

Membership Scarf Playbook

  • In Progress 
  • - WW is no longer responsible for reprints, if a proof is not received with fiber samples

Annual Report Filing

  • Target complete prior to the January Meeting



  • Pushed to 2024

Election Playbook

  • This is in progress with Zeller

Annual Report Playbook

  • This is in progress with Maggi


Open to Board

  • Ryan will be putting together documents / contracts for anyone that wants the new spending cards
    • Personally responsible for anything that is not an approved expense
    • Timeline on receipts submitted
    • How misspent funds are handled
  • Daniel-Power soccer was fun and the FO and families appreciated us showing up
  • Maggi-Exec need to keep WW up to date on who is the exec channel
    • Topics for WW/FO meeting topic thread in slack


Open to Executives

  • Meagan-ISC tifo of the submission by SG, Anthony dSL suggests our more message focus tifos
    • Conference reg due by January 5th


Meeting adjourned at 8:38