July 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Dark Clouds GBC (MN Wonderwall) July Board Meeting Minutes


July 11, 2023 - Zoom - 7:30pm - Call to Order

WW Board: Maggi H (P), David Zeller (VP), Ryan Zumsen (T) Mel Birke (Sec) Anthony dSL, Andrew Beck

Dark Clouds: Megan Weber

True North Elite: Tonia Kruczek

Red Loons


Unaffiliated Yannick

Absent WW Board Members


  1. Open to Public
    1. none


  1. Committee Updates
    1. Tifo


Disposal of last tifo at Anthony’s house

August 27 - Smoke with LED lights

Email June 21 to Justin - Sean just returned from Vacation

Idea: Use dumpster behind BH or MSS - Ask first


  1. Finance


New report format - Liabilities is in progress

Available Cash 

Donation is not reflected on report

Reconciliation is behind with Andy


Income Statement

Reporting reconciliation is in progress

Changes will be needed within how expenses are categorized


Year to Date SG Sales

Does not include profit sharing calculations


Sales within Wonderwall Shopify

Mostly Heartberry Shirts

Showing Travel is not profitable

Membership Total - 75% of the Scarf 


Annual SG Shopify Sales

To identify the running balance of each group

High Level Report of the incoming funds from Shopify for the last 5 years

Red Loons - Years were things were paid by self, or WW paid in advance

Report will be shared with the Board Members


Andrew: This level of detailed reports should be reserved for the board & not be shared with the public. - Q: What is the cost of goods.


Maggi: Great! Better idea of how to frame things going forward.


  1. Thunderwall


Enforcement of the WW code - Dress code on the WW, and enforcement of rules & Code of Conduct

Scarf Order: Is in progress

  • Reminder of how to handle those things within the Match Day Channel - Executive Teams reminders to the Board


Tifo Storage Reconfigure

Daniel to loop in more of the match day team to formulate a plan


  1. Comms

Maggi to draft post this weekend for a SM


  1. Old Business
    1. Website Review

Mobile site would be replaced by Chant

Setup time to review, the old to the new site, compare

Good on getting the notes on the site


  1. Chant App

Board & Executives to review

Gap with application  


Tonia: Were executives supposed to get an invite to chant? I may have missed it, I feel like I remember giving my email, but I don’t think I ever saw the email to get invited

Nick: Follow up with Tom at Chant to invite additional items


  1. Away Bus for KC Oct 21

$185/night - Package to be put together

Room block of 25 rooms | 10 Kings & 15 Doubles

Hampton Inn & Best Western


  1. Zarek Partnership - Pins & Hats

Update received July 10

Setup meeting with Zarek & SGs

SGs need to have a pin design ready to go

Open questions on paying a designer

Executives: Go back to Merch team to design a pin

Set of four 


  1. Office Internet

T-mobile small business - 100GB of wifi for $50 / month

Board unanimously approved Maggi’s motion to approve the to spend $50/month for wifi 

Nick & Andrew have offered to help setup the internet as needed


  1. Affiliation Process/Passthrough formalization

Attempt to follow up Sean

Invoice for the attorney services has been submitted

Price increases is included in the document


  1. Discipline Policy/Code of Conduct

Whether one warning or two is needed

Board unanimously approved Maggi’s motion to approve the 7/11 version of the Code of Conduct


  1. WW Signatory Update

Andy is staying on a trustee

David & Maggi are now listed as Signatories


  1. Artem Project Update

Team responded they are unable to host a fundraising event

Reviewing cost for hosting in Ukrainian Event Center

Partners to donate beer to distribute for a donation 

Supply Drive at Black Hart start - Sat, July 15


Anthony to provide a list of what’s needed

Anthony to share bio and a picture to use for comms

David to draft the social comms

WW to socialize first - Other SGs to socialize

Tonia confirmed - TNE can do pickup at MY


  1. New Business
    1. Non-SG Scarves | Player Scarves
      Suggestion of a small batch of scarfs designed as a WW, All SGs 

Will not be a merch item

Board Members, Politicians - People that you want to welcome into the WW

Something to be all inclusive of the SGs

Concerns raised around branding

Request is for Executives to review with their boards


  1. DBA Filing Status/Rebrand

MN Wonderwall is missing a DBA

No DBA has been filed for MN Wonderwall

Maggi: To file a DBA

Is this an opportunity to rebrand as Wonderwall Collective

Andrew: Would need to rename the GBC as well, if changed - He could help

Attorney for Club Agreement noted that the DBA had expired in 2021

  1. Get DBA in place as Wonderwall Collective
  2. Updated logo - Communications - before the end of the season
  3. Legal update to get GBC renamed from Dark Clouds GBC to Wonderwall Collective

Board unanimously approved David’s motion to move forward with the motion to file as Wonderwall Collective the DBA, Andrew seconded


  1. WW/Exec/FO Meeting

Working to get something on the calendar within the next couple weeks


  1. SG Affiliates Conversation

It’s good.David, Andrew will setup mtg


  1. Tabled for Future Meetings
    1. Rebrand
    2. Annual Meeting/Election Playbook (David)

Will get a mtg set - Idea to bring in an additional individual 

  1. Annual Report Playbook (Maggi)
  2. Member Scarf Playbook (Maggi)
  3. Increase the cost of the membership and comms plan for 2025 (Nov2023)


  1. Open to Board
    1. Maggi: Out of the Country July 15 - July 25


  1. Anthony: TC SOL Event - Eric Dick wants to do more community events


  1. Daniel: How and when Code of Conduct gets enforced and communicated - At Friendly, Center Capo Stand - Individual was wearing the the other team’s - Maggi: it was not a willful code of conduct violation. If it is a serious code of conduct violation, it should be brought back to the Wonderwall, who can work with the team if there are actions needed. If it’s not a member, use Allianz Guest Services. Find a match day lead to help escalate
  2. David: P-Chant to be address for Leagues Cup - Reminder for Sean - Maggi confirmed already on the list


  1. Open to Executives
    1. none


Meeting adjourned -  9:14pm CT