June 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Dark Clouds GBC (MN Wonderwall) June Board Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2023 - Zoom - 7:34pm - Call to Order

WW Board: Maggi H (P), David Zeller (VP), Ryan Zumsen (T) Mel B. (Sec) Anthony dSL, Andrew Beck

Dark Clouds: Meagan Weber

True North Elite: Tonia Kruczek

Red Loons

Thunderwall: Matt Freechack

Unaffiliated Yannick

Absent: Daniel Ditmanson


  1. Open to Public
    1. Matt Freechack: Thunderwall - Submit request to- Jim Crist: itsme.jmc@gmail.com


  1. Reports
    1. Finance

Net Income for the year is positive - ~$12,000

Balance Sheet is not helpful to identify the corporate value

How are the liabilities set is an open question

Income is higher than the assets. Net Assets increase


Goal for the next board meeting is to portion out the net out the assets to the individual groups according to their Shopify Sales

Going forward, a year to date donations number will be shared


20% profit share - No reason to change it at this time

If sales are to charitable donations, then the profit share could be reduced to 10%, which would cover the Shopify fees and fulfillments to cover the sale of the product - Or can be adjusted based on the profit donation %


Pride Merch & Native Lands Tee Donations - Have not been deducted yet

Policy should be included in the one doc to avoid multiple updates “Shopify fees”


  1. Tifo

Tifo is in Anthony’s garage - FO didn’t allow the disposal - 

  Future Date - August 27th on FOX


  1. Comms

No updates


  1. Old Business
    1. Website Review

Mel to sync with Nick - Get list of what is left


  1. Chant App

Demo - Did not include process for the affiliate process

Merch - Use Shopify to identify the individual season ticket holders


  1. Away Bus for KC Oct 21

Poll last month - Overnight bus won

If need help with the hotel - reach out to Erin

Process in the past

Based on what the cost will be per person, and then subsidize from there

Next Steps:

 - Let Nick know to move forward with finding out the cost with bus / hotel

 - Approach 1. Team 2. Pyres -
- Reach out to Sean / the club to see if they will subsidize travel / cost of tickets


Travel Note - Next Season 2024 will be Nick’s last year doing travel

Someone to shadow and then take over in 2025


  1. Zarek Partnership - Pins & Hats

Email sent to the club with lots of actions - have not heard back yet

  • Last email was end of May

DGS to identify who they would like to support

  • Action: Identify the charities - Every SG to bring forward 1 charity 
  • Before the end of the month


  1. Office internet plan
  • $50 per month - Need card to process


  1. Affiliation Process/Passthrough formalization
  • Committee needs to address the questions
  • Document can be updated by the end of the week - June 16
  • Once updated, share with the board


  1. Board Code of Conduct
  • Progressive Discipline Policy to be included as part of the code of conduct
  • Within Slack - Vote with thumbs up
  • If anyone disapproves, then we can go through discussion next month


  1. Non-SG Merch Policy
  • Wonderwall - Merchandise Sales Policy
  • Is there anything specific from the SGs that should be included as part of this
  • Draft to be posted in the Executive Channel
    • Products sold by SGs
    • Products sold by non-member / non-committee groups
    • Product sold by member / committee groups
    • Request for feedback from the SGs prior to the next board meeting


  1. Affiliate/SG committee
  • Zelller is drafting up the documents, schedule a time with SG leadership


  1. WW Signatory Update
  • Signatories has not been transferred - Maggi will follow up


  1. New Business
    1. Friendlies/Leagues Cup
  • Security Staff to be prepped for the leagues cup - If it happens
    • Communicate / remind fans that in the WW - only home team
  • Request details of the sales
  • Match Day Items will be brought offline in the channel


  1. Artem project
  • Anthony has been working with Jared and the Ukraine Refugee to support the family - Needs they have is housing, clothing, food, and transport - Wants this to be a Wonderwall initiative - But can be SG lead   
  • Team has not been responding to the emails (3 so far)
    • cc: Corey, Sean - Maggi & Zeller on the email thread
  • Jared wants to publicize the story - 
  • Idea: Foosball tournament in the Grand Casino Brew Hall
    • Sponsorship - Be aware of conflicts for the onsite 
  • Donations: Clothing, Food - Achievable - Partner with DGS
    • Ask the team to match donations
  • Transport to their appointments - unsure, challenging to coordinate
  • Mention that the media is involved


  1. Pride Parade
  • 5 slots available
  • SGs to share to fill up the remaining spots


  1. Next Board Meeting July 
    1. Next meeting to be held on July 11, 7:30pm


  1. Tabled for Future Meetings
    1. Rebrand
    2. Annual meeting/election playbook (David)
      1. Will be ready with links for July 

Does not need to vote - Someone who is not being elected can review it

Andrew is not planning to run again, and can assist with the election process


  1. Annual Report Playbook (Maggi)
  2. Member Scarf Playbook (Maggi)


  1. Open to Board
  • No items


  1. Open to Executives
    1. Meagan - Heartberry Profit handoff 
  • Preference is to do it outside of the stadium
  • Do the presentation without the club, or ask for the club to participate
    • Request to do it in front of the United - they could provide a mic
    • July 1 or July 8 - The goal is to get some press around it
    • Loop Zeller, Anthony in on the email - who will reach out to Sean
    • Ryan: How the funds to be donated were calculated - Reach out to Andrew & Jim  - If the check isn’t printed yet - round up to the nearest thousand - $7,800 - Check will include all SGs


Meeting adjourned - 9:04 pm CT