March 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Wonderwall Board March Agenda

7:31 pm Called to Order, 2/28/22, Zoom

Attendance: Maggi, Anthony, Andrew, Daniel, David, Ryan, Mel-Delayed

  • Portion of Meeting Closed to the Public
      1. Officer Elections were completed
  • Open to Public
      1. Meeting opens to the public 7:43 PM
      2. No public comments
  • Reports
    1. Update Comms
      1. Playbook planning
        1. Maggi has taken over the Comms role has had conversation with Erin Martin about taking on a role including creating playbooks
      2. Volunteer Update 
    2. Finance
      1. Finance goals/planning
        1. Andrew gives update on finance meeting, goals for the year and high level overview of financial position
        2. Tax update-Andy W still working on end of year report
        3. Zoom expense-WW has been using Andrew’s Zoom Account, Maggi suggests approving $149 for WW to have their own account. Zeller move, Daniel Second, Unanimous approved
    3. Tifo
      1. Anthony-Tifo build went really well, new material worked well, rigging is good shape
      2. Story Question-MLS is open to covering the tifo and the story  behind the tifo, board is okay with vols working the FO & MLS to help drive attention to tifo.
        1. The FO has taken B roll of the tifo painting & conducting interviews

  • Old Business
      1. Website Review
        1. Mobile Website is live
          1. Nick is working on finishing content. 
          2. Goal of having audio recording of songs on the site at some point this year
      2. Tech Review-POSTPONED UNTIL APRIL
        1. Office internet plan
      3. Affiliation Process-FO knows we want to discuss a few are still trickling in
      4. Annual meeting/election playbook-Zeller is going to update playbook 
      5. Kickoff Event
        1. WW is covering 80 serving of popcorn
      6. Passthrough formalization discussion-MOVED TO NEW BUSINESS
  • New Business
      1. Board code of conduct 
        1. WWMN Board Code of Conduct Draft- Final
        2. Discussion on how broadly immediate family/relative should be defined.
          1. Section was removed as it is covered in other parts of the policy.
        3. Discussion around if conflict of interest is allowed to pitch or suggest products/services that they may have an interest in.
      2. FO Meeting agenda review
        1.  Introduction of key new staff members (Sarah Korpi, Evan)
        2.  Intro from board members
        3.  CR update-Community Relations
        4.  Update on recent Supporters campaign (Almost 100 new ST sold)
        5.  Future Happy Hours
        6. Scheduling of future meetings and topics
        7. Brief Discussion of Independence/Cooperation and why it's important to us 
        8. Affiliation/Pass Through Formalization 
          1. Zeller advocates strongly that we need to make this the priority
        9. Away Tickets
      3. Committee liaisons
      4. Thunderwall Merch Discussion 
        1. TW Merch plan-would like to have a merch items for drummers & those who support them & felt overdue to do another items
        2. TW would like to do items as need, a few items a year at most, or  or even joint items with SG
        3. Discussion on how any revenue and profit is split between WW, TW or any non-profit
        4. Many different perspectives were shared about if TW should be able to do merch and if this is treating TW special or different than SG
        5. TW scarfs can move forward with 100% presale & 100% going back WW general fund. Additional conversations will be had around creating a clear committee merch policy & no additional merch will be approved until that is adopted. Zeller moves, Maggi Second, caries unanimously
      5. Rebrand-Wonderwall would likely say but an additional words describing the organization would be discussed
      6. Annual report status-Need additional info from Andy W
      7. WW watch party/Luce line partnership-Luce Line are excited to be more involved in the WW & MNUFC in general.  There is concern about additional continued division of SG watch parties & having it staffed but having a bar in western metro is a good thing.
  • Open to Board
  • Open to Executives
  • Short conversation about head shots-going back to slack
  • Motion to adjourn-Zeller motion to adjourn, Anthony second, passes unanimously, 9:50