May 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

May 02, 2023 - Zoom - 7:39pm

WW Board: Maggi H (P), David Zeller (VP), Ryan Zumsen (T) Mel B. (Sec) Anthony dSL, Daniel Ditmanson, Andrew Beck

Dark Clouds: Nick Moore

True North Elite: Tonia Kruczek, Miranda Muller

Red Loons

Thunderwall: Matt Freechack




  1. Open to Public
  1. Matt Freechack - Thunderwall wants to do a 26 Pride Shirt $350.70 - for sale only to TW members.It will not be published for sale on the site. No more than 30 - No profit will be made.
    1. Maggi: Can be a hidden merch item, so that it goes through - Desire is not to open up SGs to sell their own merch, outside of Shopify - Setting a threshold amount - A policy will need to be created
    2. Ryan: If there is no profit, there is no need for it to go through Shopify. Shopify will make the cost increase due to the 3% - If a group wants to buy a shirt, for themselves, it should be allowed
    3. David: Do not want to create a loophole that could be used by other SGs in the future - Money shouldn’t go through WW - 
    4. Tonia: The unique thing is that the person is doing it with a Cricket - TNE has done homespun cricket items - 
    5. Nick M.: Can this be something that is a giveaway to the Volunteers, allow TW to do this
    6. Andrew: Finance committee, and Affiliation Committee will need to move forward with outlining the policy
    7. Daniel: Do not ruin the cottage, homespun 

Decision Made: Thunderwall will purchase the shirts on their own. FInance & Affiliation committees will write a policy moving forward.


  1. Request was submitted to record the Board Meetings - and publish the link
    1. Maggi: Concerns about things being taken out of context - General practice is not to record meetings 
    2. Andrew: There is merit in the conversation - Risk in limiting discussion, based on the meetings being recorded - at the risk of things being taken out of context
    3. David: Will ask other groups (ISC) on posting recordings and mtg meetings - 
  1. Reports

Finance, Ryan

  • Meeting was held 2 weeks ago to review what is needed from SGs for recording and submission of budgets - Outlining the responsibilities of the SGs and WW for budgets. Compiling documents and will review as the Finance Committee for the next meeting - A lot of accounting remains with Andy 
  • Financial Summary: $109,000 in the Checking Account 
  • Monthly Reports from Finance - Monthly P&L, Balance Sheet from the previous month
  • Maggi Question: Discussion about the $40k that was Dark Clouds, and it has not been reconciled to be paid back to DC?
    • Ryan: Quarterly reports to the SGs of what their balance is. Allowing the SGs to have more control of the money they have earned - Very difficult to determine what WW is actually pulling in for budget


  • Mental health awareness night tifo is canceled
  • Anthony will get sign-up genius links to comms with more lead time for sign ups and wait to ensure that all comms about sign-ups go out via WW comms before any individual or SG asks.


No update, still need more volunteers

Create an approved minutes folder - that will then be published on the site - Board will agree to minutes within 2 weeks


  1. Old Business

Website Review

Partner page is live, card is created and ready to send

Tech Review

  1. Office internet plan

Maggi will work on this, the upcoming month


  1. Affiliation Process/Passthrough formalization

Meeting with the team was good - The team seems committed to it, but here is another semi-verbal agreement - Team is open to the financial agreement, and are close on the pass-through, but they are non-commital to the affiliation changes - Team is pushing for WW to draft the first 

Legal Agreement is desired, which requires WW to pay for an attorney

Andrew: Requesting bullet points from the meeting - Team also sent back bullets that need further review


Board Code of Conduct

  1. WWMN Board Code of Conduct Draft- Final

Progressive Discipline Policy Draft 20230502

All board members to review prior to next meeting, so that it can be voted on


Non-SG Merch Policy

  • Ryan has putting together a document about affiliation / merch policy
  • 80/20 split may need to be reviewed, based on the 21% Income Tax - Will share spreadsheet of the 80/20 findings

Committee Liaison Discussions - Discussion deferred

  1. Matchday
  2. Tifo
  3. Partnerships
  4. Finance
  5. Membership
  6. Communications
  7. Technology
  8. Travel
  9. Merch
  10. Affiliate/SG committee


WW Signatory Update

  • No update 

Loons Asylum Partnership Details

  • David will follow up with Luce Line 


  1. New Business

Chant App

Reviewed the features of the new Chant App

  • Free, with Add-Ons - No ads through next season 
  • Goal would be to launch this in 2024
  • Concern | Risk - around securing membership data - Especially as we move forward with the affiliate process with FO
  • Potential to support an opt-in - Phased approach at rolling it out to leadership first, and then 
  • This would act as the CRM

Next Step: Nick will reach out to Tom, for a mtg with Alisha, Maggi, David and Anthony 



Away Bus for KC Oct 21

Will move forward - Mel will reach out to 

Code of Conduct

New tweet with Code of Conduct to be pinned prior to next match

Zarek Partnership

Discussion with a partnership agreement with MN United - Will post to the Executive Channel


  1. Tabled for Future Meetings


Annual meeting/election playbook (David)

Annual Report Playbook (Maggi)

Member Scarf Playbook (Maggi)

Liability Waiver -  (Anthony)


  1. Open to Board
    1. Daniel: Reminder to FO that the Center Capo Stand is getting dangerous


  1. Open to Executives
    1. No items


Meeting adjourned