November 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order 7:32, Immediately closed

Directors in Attendance- Zeller, Maggi, Anthony dSL, Andrew Beck, Daniel Ditmanson

Missing-Ryan, Mel Birke

SG Leadership-Tonia Kruczek (TNE), Megan Weber, Nick Rodriguez (DC)



Open to Public Comment

Opened at 7:47-None

Committee Updates

Tifo-AO Tifo is still in the closet, planning to remove and help with a reorganization of closet upcoming as well.  Starting to plan for 2024 tifos & process improvements

Finance-Update provided in BoD slack channel, 

SG Income and Expenses - 2023 YTD (as of Oct 31, 2023)


SG Merch Sales Income - after profit share, not adjusted for any charitable 

contribution exceptions

Dark Clouds: $13,503

Red Loons: $2,181

TNE: $946


SG Expenditures (may be missing recent Dash card transactions)

Dark Clouds/Silver Lining: $13,438

Red Loons: $2,066

TNE: $643


WW Income and Expenses


Pass-Through Income - 2023 YTD

2022 Season Tickets (Feb): $15,992

2023 Season Tickets (Feb): $22,315

2023 Season Tickets (Sept): $13,400


WW Committee Sales Income - 2023 YTD 

WW Share of SG Sales: $2,013 (not adjusted for charitable contribution 


Travel $20,736 

Partnerships $19,870 (includes $1,000 from Zarek)

Membership $9,836 

Thunderwall $1,471 

Accessiloons $225 

Voting Shares $175 

Merch $75 


WW Committee Expenses - 2023 YTD (may be missing recent Dash card 


Travel $19,441 (offset by ticket sales)

Partnerships $20,048 (cost of Heart Berry shirts & Zarek hats + 

donation of profits, offset by sales)

Operations $15,843

Membership $14,464

Thunderwall $2,523 (includes $1,002 for scarves, offset by sales)

Marketing and Communications $1,930

Merch $470

Matchday $286

Tifo $1,645


Thunderwall-No big updates, looking for practice spaces for the off season

Comms-No update, still need vols

Old Business

Website Review-No update

Chant App-Nick R. had a meeting with Chant founder and all 3 SG’s are between 

interested & on board.  Still mostly used with leadership & vols for DC.  TNE BoD is in transition and will bring it up to the new BoD

Affiliation Process/Passthrough Formalization-No update from Sean, Action 

Item-Maggi ping Sean about it, Sidenote, Zeller mentioned HH with FO 

Artem Project-Anthony dSL still hopeful for a fundraising event, especially on a 

limited budget

SG Affiliates-Went through Recognized SG & associate policy. Tabled for 

discussion & approval next month


Committee Budgets due by 11/7-Still waiting for budgets from committees

Membership Costs-Beck lays out case for increase larger inflation based, either 

$5 or $10, Zeller agrees with $10 and this discussion is important to set expectations, Tonia TNE prefers says $5, Meagan says $10 but maybe a longer roll out.  Zeller says keep the individual members at $35 & Beck says we should look at upping it as well.  Maggi it would be easier with the FO going all at once.  Ryan-Financially we are sound so we need to be really clear why we are looking at increase.  Maggi-There are other great things we can do with the extra month.  FO really wants a communications plan if this happens. Ryan this is a great opportunity to help engage new people.  Andrew-Get what ever agree to with the FO in writing. NEXT STEP where is the FO is at

Membership Scarf Playbook-Playbook still not quite ready

New Business



Annual Meeting/Election Playbook-Maggi-Zeller finishing it up and will share

Annual Report Playbook-Maggi

2024 Elections

Open to Board

Zeller-FO hired 2 new people who will work more with SG’s

Open to Executives

Tonia-New MLS merch item that says Wonderwall


Meeting adjourned at 8:35