September 2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Dark Clouds GBC (MN Wonderwall) September Board Meeting Minutes

September 5, 2023 - Zoom - 7:33 - Call to Order

WW Board: Maggi H (P), David Zeller (VP), Ryan Zumsen (T) Mel Birke (Sec), Anthony dSL, Andrew Beck

Dark Clouds: Nick Moore, Meagan Weber

True North Elite: Tonia Kruczek

Red Loons: –

Thunderwall:  –

Unaffiliated: Yannick

Absent WW Board Members: Daniel Ditmanson


  1. Open to Public
    1. Yannick: No comments


  1. Committee Updates
    1. Tifo | Anthony
      1. AO used the space to paint the USMT Friendly 
      2. BD Tifo is traced, but not yet painted
      3. There are no further tifos planned for this
      4. Only additional tifo - would be home playoff


  1. Finance | Ryan
    1. Money in is equal to money out (over past 6 months)
    2. February pass through payment is the only one received this year
    3. Ramp - Expense
      1. Action: Nick Moore: Provide the listing of email addresses- Along with the login, to use the finance email address - 


  1. Thunderwall | Daniel
    1. Not present


  1. Comms | Maggi 
    1. Need to get a comms ad out for a person to join - Maggi to write


  1. Old Business
    1. Website Review
      1. Resolve meeting notes issue
        1. Action: Nick Moore: Request is to post PDFs of the meeting notes - New & Old Sites
        2. Action:Maggi: Convert Meeting Notes to PDFs 
      2. Need difference between old and new mobile site
    2. Chant App
      1. Need a decision from the SGs on whether they want to use the tool. Do we move forward with the app, or to continue with the build of the site
      2. Action: Each SG needs to provide who will be the admin of the site - Name, Email & Phone to Nick
      3. Anthony: It would be good to keep a WW Site that is unique from the SGs - Will need a policy on what WW can communicate
      4. Tonia: TNE would likely continue to use Discord, but then could use Chant to collaborate.
      5. Nick: Ability to communicate to all SG members
      6. Zeller: Nick to continue to work on the Chant app  - Will get others onboarded - Zeller will share credentials to Red Loons slack
    3. Away Bus for KC Oct 21
      1. 6 Tickets Sold - Decision needed by Sept 20
      2. Reminder of cost to be posted to the Slack
      3. Target is to sell 20’ish 
    4. Zarek Partnership - Pins & Hats
      1. Pins is included in Front Office Meeting - Not likely to happen
      2. Hats: Wednesday Tease - Thursday launch
      3. Action: Maggi to share the photos of hat with Ryan for launch
    5. Affiliation Process/Passthrough formalization
      1. Pass through stuff is waiting for Maggi - Spire account is not working for them - Unable to provide the needed banking account information
      2. Action: David to attempt to get into Spire account
    6. Artem Project Update
      1. Will likely host at Allianz - Will request from Kori, after Thursday mtg
      2. After the season is acceptable - May or may not happen - Anthony will figure out who needs to be included on the request to use the space
    7. WW/Exec/FO Meeting
      1. Nick, Meagan, Tonia, Kristopher - will be there
      2. Verify the Zarek matching donation to. Tonia: Shari is independently matching
      3. Reminder: Thursday at 5:30pm 
        1. Housekeeping for Capo Stands & Tifo Closet
        2. Pin Project
        3. Matching Donation for Hats
        4. Disciplinary actions from Security
        5. Affiliation documents - Status update
        6. Tifo Ropes - Holding up 20lb weights - Inspected 2022
      4. Request to get a meeting with Sean (FO), Maggi & David
      5. Action: Maggi to message Sean
    8. SG Affiliates Conversation
      1. Action: Andrew to get the next meeting on the books


  1. New Business
    1.   Best security threatening disciplinary actions
      1. Before the match that followed the Seattle Match
      2. Maggi: Tonia & Daniel were told by BEST Security, would put disciplinary action against anyone who started, or a did a chant that used obscene language - Including removal from the stadium, and / or removal of season tickets - This could have included capos being removed, if they did not stop chants - Security guard asked TNE people who started the SEA chants, and who was doing the chant, in a harassing way. 
      3. Tonia: In a pre-security meeting, someone asked what to do if swearing occurred - When Justin was approached with this, he said he didn’t know anything about it. 
      4. Maggi: Any change in enforcement of the rules, they should be communicated prior to the match: 


  1. Tabled for Future Meetings
    1. Rebrand
    2. Annual Meeting/Election Playbook (David)
    3. Annual Report Playbook (Maggi)
    4. Member Scarf Playbook (Maggi)
    5. Increase the cost of the membership and comms plan for 2025 (Nov2023)


  1. Open to Board
    1. Maggi requested to close the meeting to Board Members - Public was sent to the waiting room
      1. The board discussed an internal matter.


  1. Open to Executives
    1. No items


Meeting adjourned -  8:41pm CT