January 2024 Board Meeting Minutes

Dark Clouds GBC dba Wonderwall Collective January Board Meeting 

1/9/2024, Zoom


Meeting Called to Order 7:30, Immediately closed

Directors in Attendance- Zeller, Maggi, Anthony dSL, Andrew Beck, Daniel Ditmanson, Ryan Zumsen, Melanie Birke

SG Leadership-, Megan Weber (DC), Nick Rodriguez (DC), Mark Herdin (TNE), 

Public- Chuck (TW), Robb (TW), Neal Logan (DC), 


Absent: Tonia Kruczek (TNE)


Open Discussion

  • Closed to the Public 


Open to Public Comment

Opened at 7:47

No public comments


Committee Updates


  • Connecting with MSS for availability for the opener build in February
  • Design is nearly finalized
  • Action: With confirmation of weekend availability, social posts will be created


  • $125k Current balance
    • Listing of people who will be getting a RAMP card will be posted to the Executives Slack channel
    • Anyone that then receives a card will be added to the Finance Channel
    • User agreement will be provided as part of the Ramp card distribution
  • $78k in 2023 Shopify Sales
  • $79k in 2023 Passthrough recieved


  • Off season practice has not been successful
  • Scarf & button design is in progress for 2024
  • Budget has been submitted to WW


  • Fedica may be used by WW to get things posted
  • Priorities for the next couple weeks, nomination form and tifo sign up
  • Need job description for the 



Old Business

Website Review

  • Meeting notes need to be uploaded to the website 
  • Project will be closed for now

Affiliation Process/Passthrough Formalization

  • Review of the document is need, with participation of each SG is needed to be done rather quickly
  • Maggi will post to the Executive channel to gather the needed reps to review the document


Artem Project

  • Fundraising event is still desired, but capacity to support is not there
  • Project will remain closed for now



  • Combined spending plan has been posted to the BoD slack, along with a draft of the overall budget for the board
  • Action: Discussion to be wrapped up within the next two weeks


Membership Costs

  • This would be for 2025, raising it to $35
  • Potential to wait for this to be handled by the new board
  • Action will be to put the communication package together to support this change - by the new board
  • Andrew motioned to approach the team to increase the membership fee from $25 to $35 for 2025 season - Zeller seconded. Motion was unanimously approved

2024 Annual Meeting / Elections

  • January 30, 2024 - Three seats are open - 
  • Ryan took the action to make the shares available for purchase 


Membership Scarf Playbook

  • Playbook has been posted for review and will be voted on in Slack


Annual Report Filing & Playbook

  • Volunteer and donation details are due from the SGs


New Business


Night Before/Kickoff Party (3/1)

  • Party was found to be helpful in handing out scarves
  • Could use help planning the party - Need ideas for locations
  • Need volunteers to help plan the party


Volunteer Tracking / Incentives

  • Maybe a raffle system, grand prize then secondary prizes
  • How are we counting hours for capos/drummer to make sure everyone has a chance.
    • Ryan suggested separate drawings for match day vs one-off events
  • Zeller this helps with volunteer burnout and grows vol base
  • AdSL will put together a vol hour tracking document




  • Pushed to 2024

Election Playbook

  • This is in progress with Zeller

Annual Report Playbook

  • This is in progress with Maggi


Open to Board

  • Ryan Zumsen what’s our dba name?  Maggi we are officially Wonderwall Collective. It was changed at the same time we did our business renewal
  • Daniel TNE membership survey, does WW amplify.  Mark from TNE said probably not to amplify


Open to Executives

  • None


Meeting adjourned at 8:32