Rob Lauer

Photo by Daniel Mick

With a love of drums and soccer dating back all the way to 1995, joining up with Wonderwall, True North Elite, and eventually founding Thunderwall was an organic progression for Robb.

A Minneapolis resident by way of Denver, Colorado, Robb fell in love with the beautiful game as a young man, a love that would intensify as he spent some time in Germany in the late 2000s.

“That was definitely where I fell in love with the game in a whole new way; it changed how I thought about how we participate in local sports and how we use that passion for good. I knew I wanted to bring that enthusiasm for community and soccer back to the States.”

Since founding Thunderwall in 2019, Robb’s mission is to improve community outreach, provide opportunities for musicians and soccer-lovers around the Twin Cities to participate and get involved, and to carry on the legacy of passion for providing the heartbeat that began long before he set foot in Allianz.

“Thunderwall is for everyone. The drums we play resonate through the stadium and into the city around us, and that’s who it’s for. For you. Besides, playing drums is fun! Come and find out sometime.”

Robb currently lives in Minneapolis with his wife Kendra and their four cats. He works as an engineer by day and can be found playing drums in several bands all over the Twin Cities.


Rob's term ends January 2023.