James Norungolo

Photo by Daniel Mick

A lifetime fan and player of the beautiful game, James Norungolo became a season ticket holder in 2015 and joined True North Elite in 2016.

"I was drawn to NSC because I heard that the level of football was high and that the atmosphere was fantastic, with crowds of eight, nine thousand. I wanted to see what it was about. I bought season tickets following my very first match."

"In True North Elite, I found a bunch of incredibly rowdy and beautiful people. That final season up in Blaine was immensely important for me. To be honest, the ability to tailgate, drink beer, kick a ball around — I think that's where the friendships really form. And that's where the sense that I was now part of an actual family began."

James has been an original TNE Board Member and ran to serve on the Wonderwall Board of Directors on a platform of helping grow Minnesota United's Supporter Culture and fostering a more unified section on match days.

James continues his beer league football career, and when not occupied with our sport, he enjoys taking in live music, travel, skiing, cycling, and will be hiking the Hundred-Mile Wilderness (his third Appalachian Trail section hike) later this summer.

James' term ends March 2020.