Nick Moore

Photo by Daniel Mick

Nick first joined the Dark Clouds in 2016. Back then, he was sneaking into the section at NSC to sing and chant with everyone who looked like they were having a much better time than the rest of the stadium. He was so amazed at how welcoming everyone was, and he wanted to get more involved and to know this group even more.

Fast forward to today, as a Wonderwall board member and treasurer of the organization, he looks forward to helping this organization become more mature and help it create new possibilities for the supporters' groups we support.

Outside of Wonderwall, Nick loves to travel with his wife Fallon, sometimes for MNUFC away matches. As an ex-film critic, he has also enjoyed a movie from time to time. If you want a travel recommendation or want to know which movie to see next, @mooreofnick on Twitter


Nick's term ends January 2023.