Jim Oliver

Photo by Daniel Mick

Jim Oliver has been involved with Minnesota soccer supporter nonsense since 2010, and began his career of talking to soccer nerds through a microphone by doing soccer trivia at halftime during EPL games at the Local. That was an effort to get more people involved and attending Thunder/Stars games, and pretty much everything that's come after that has been too.

Jim's main interests are in fostering productive relationships between supporters, the club, and community partners that can benefit from soccer supporters' time and attention. Gathering together and yelling for a soccer team is great, but once you've got all those people in a room together it's a shame and a waste if you're not also doing something that benefits the community.

When he's not doing Wonderwall-related stuff, Jim still plays soccer despite being in bad shape and having ruined knees and shoulders. He also coaches little kids in park leagues and spends a lot of money on weird, angry music on Bandcamp.

Jim's term ends March 2019.