Shuo Wang

Photo by Daniel Mick

Spending Ages 3-7 in Germany, Shuo's first sport of passion was soccer. There are still pictures of him sitting on the floor watching the Bundesliege on a tinly 13" television. He's passionate about supporting US Soccer and loves nothing more than chanting 'USA! USA! USA!" during the world cups. With the Loons joining MLS, supporting top tier professional soccer was a no-brainier. Despite being incredibly frozen, the Snow Opener, at TCF Bank was an iconic moment for Shuo - perfectly capturing the character of Minnesota and the character of the sport.

"The Supporters Groups bring a passion and atmosphere to the stadium that can't be easily replicated. I look forward to making their lives easier," said Shuo.

Beyond soccer, Shuo loves traveling with his family to various parts of the World. Rosa, Shuo's 3.5 year old daughter has flown over 75,000 miles already!

Shuo's term ends March 2021.