Elisa Vicuña

Photo by Daniel Mick

Elisa has been a supporter of the Loons since 2015 when she took her first Dethloon to Nessie.  Futbol has been part of my life since Elisa can remember.  She grew up playing left mid and eventually even picked up the whistle to manage 22+ rambunctious individuals on the pitch.  You can still find her nutmegging people today in futsal or the many variations of team play that exist in the cities.

When she's not cheering on the Loons (or other teams in various different leagues), you can find Elisa traveling the world, supporting local businesses (mostly restaurants), gardening in her backyard, or playing with her 4 year old puppy Luciano.  During the weekdays she work in Forensics for a Big 4 Accounting Firm investigating financial crimes, ethics and compliance violations and other governance issues for companies.
Elisa is a big proponent of community involvement and improvement.  She believes that supporting one another and listening to and understanding different perspectives is key to success.


Elisa's term began April 2021.