Wonderwall, and their Affiliated Supporters Groups, will display a Tifo inside Allianz Field, reading "BLACK LIVES MATTER."

The Wonderwall Tifo Committee is taking this opportunity to reinforce the mission statement of Wonderwall, specifically, "[to] serve and build communities and create a welcoming, inclusive culture around the sport in Minnesota."

Wonderwall is looking forward to working alongside Minnesota United as we continue to work to affect positive change in the community directly surrounding Allianz Field, and the greater Minneapolis / St. Paul metro; while taking a stand against systemic racism which has so deeply fractured these communities.

Photo by Ty Hoagland

About Wonderwall:

Wonderwall is a parent organization dedicated to enabling, empowering and accelerating Minnesota United FC's (MNUFC's) Supporters Groups. These Supporters Groups (SGs) can be found on the sound endline of Allianz Field standing, singing and bringing an intense matchday atmosphere for 90+ minutes at every home match.

For more information on Wonderwall, please email us.

Wonderwall Mission Statement:

The Mission of Wonderwall is to support professional soccer, serve and build communities and create a welcoming, inclusive culture around the sport in Minnesota.

Get Involved:

Wonderwall, and their affiliated supporters groups, are as dedicated to community service outside the stadium as they are about passionately cheering on MNUFC. Click here to visit our Community Engagement page, and get involved with one of these fantastic groups .

Can you believe it? We're over halfway through the 2019 MLS season, which means it is time for Season Ticket Holder Renewals. All 2019 season ticket holders opted-in to Auto-Renewal, which means if you're keeping your same tickets in our section you don't need to do anything. If you're looking to transfer your tickets to another section, or get rid of them altogether, please contact your representative to make these changes.

Key Dates for Season Ticket Renewals

As we go into Season Ticket Renewal time, it's important to note that you'll need to declare your affiliation (again) for the Supporters Group (SG) of your choice. For the 2020 season, we'll continue to use this data to determine how many membership scarves to produce. IMPORTANT NOTE for 2020 Season Ticket Holders: no affiliation = no scarf In order to receive a membership scarf, you MUST select the Supporters Group of your choice inside your SeatGeek account. If you have a single account with multiple seats, requiring multiple affiliations - you will need to reach out to your MNUFC Season Ticket Representative; otherwise a single account with multiple seats, will all register under the same affiliation. All accounts must have declared their affiliation for 2020 by December 1, 2019 in order to receive a membership scarf.

Ex: PK Loon has twelve season tickets and selects Red Loons as their affiliate and does not contact their STH representative; therefore, all twelve tickets are affiliated to Red Loons.

Here's how to add a group, or more than one group, to your season ticket profile.