Our supporters groups sold a larger number of individual memberships than anticipated this year, and as a direct result we've run out of all the membership scarves available for our new members and season ticket holders. In order to get an accurate picture of the number of scarves we need to order for each Supporters Group (SG) we're asking for all season ticket holders in the supporters section to add the affiliated group, or groups, in their SeatGeek profile.

Here's how to add a group, or more than one group, to your season ticket profile.

Once this has been submitted, the offer notification will remain, but you do not need to affiliate again, unless your preference changes. NOTE: Membership receives this list on a periodic basis, so please don't alter affiliations often.

If you have any questions as to how this works, please email our membership team. If you're interested in purchasing season tickets in the supporters section, please email Ellen Kokes to learn more. If you're interested in purchasing an individual membership please visit our online store and note these orders will be fulfilled once we have restocked our scarf supply.

Greetings Loons,

The MN United FC off-season is slower than the rest of the year, but it is still quite busy for the Board and the many people who are key to our thriving supporter community. There are Keepers of the North and Silver Lining events, and monthly board meetings; there are meetings with the MNUFC front office about next season and the hard work of the financial planning that goes into funding tifo and other supporter efforts. One of those meetings happened on December 14th, with the primary focus on facilitating even better communication between the supporters and the front office. We also met to  cover matchday items like where the capo stands will be in Allianz and how the matchday presentation people (the ones who do the hype videos) can best do what they need to while also limiting the impact on things we were already doing, like when not to play a song over the PA and let supporters/fans sing. It was a very positive conversation and it looks like match days in Allianz will truly be special events, that will likely even have some designated (trained and credentialed) supporters in charge of smoke.

Speaking of special events, the 2019 Supporters Summit is coming, and following that the 2019 Wonderwall Board of Directors election. We have yet to set a date, though we are targeting mid-to-late February, and there will be four Board of Director seats up for election. The current board members whose terms are expiring are Daniel Hills, Jim Oliver, Samantha Solberg, and Andy Wattenhofer. We are currently accepting nominations for those interested in running. You can nominate yourself by filling out this form.

We will provide a post explaining the needs of the organization well in advance of the election, along with the targeted dates for elections and the schedule of nominations ending. This explanatory post will be live prior to the end of the year. This will help inform both those voting, and those wishing to be voted in, know what the corporation sees as its priorities. These are the things which the elected Directors can help address.  One of the most vital items to be addressed is further documentation of how various supporter functions operate so that we aren't constantly reinventing the wheel each time we try to do something to support the Loons.

Another work-in-progress is the budgetary process, which was started a few years back trying to stay on top of how to manage our resources as best as possible. This process would normally see each committee submit its first draft at the beginning of November, in order to allow all of November and December to make any necessary changes. That didn't happen this year, so our budget process has been pushed to likely being complete by the end of January. Regardless of this minor setback, we will ultimately put together a budget that allows for great tifo, supports volunteer efforts, and among other things, keeps an eye to the future.

It amazes me that Allianz Field opens so soon, after having seemed like a thing that would never happen. What great fun we will have.



During the Loons' match against Seattle on August 4, 2018, some person(s) in our section threw projectiles onto the playing surface. Obviously this is completely unacceptable and Wonderwall will not tolerate this behavior, or behavior like it in the future.  This incident is a clear violation of our code of conduct, and places the entire section in jeopardy moving forward. The club's front office has shown faith in us, allowing us to self-police and agreeing to support the decisions made by the Supporters Conduct Review Board (SCRB). Failing to identify and subject the person(s) responsible for this incident to the SCRB is intolerable. Continued violations of the Code of Conduct can result in the loss of privileges, including but not limited to having all supporters section season tickets voided (see Chicago).

If you have any information regarding the person(s) responsible for this incident, please email us, so this issue can be resolved expediently.


Corny, sure, but honestly, it’s still appropriate as this is the beginning of something new.

The Wonderwall is where we gather to support the Loons, and Wonderwall is the new name of the umbrella corporation covering Dark Clouds, Red Loons, and True North Elite.

To clarify a bit, for some time the corporation that files the taxes, pays the bills, and collects/distributes the funds that the Supporters Groups (SGs) use has been known by several names. The latest of which was Dark Clouds GBC. General Benefit Corporations (GBC) are for-profit entities that also have a mission to which they must adhere in order to retain their GBC status. As one can imagine, naming both a corporation and a supporters group nearly the same thing can lead to some confusion, so the board decided that a re-brand should occur in order to help make that distinction more clear.

The Dark Clouds supporters group are in the process of forming a new leadership structure for themselves. Once this structure is in place I, Abraham Opoti, will cease to be the President of both the GBC and the SG, and focus my efforts full time on running Wonderwall. This separation is an administrative choice to ensure the leadership of the Dark Clouds supporters group can remain autonomous and focused on their needs. Things largely won't change since the committee leads are the ones who make most of the day-to-day decisions.

What will change, though, is this website. We will gather content from each supporters groups, publish information from the Board of Directors and the President, house our annual reports, and serve as a clearinghouse of sorts for information relating to MNUFC supporters groups. We'll also be moving the merch store, so keep an eye on it as it will continue to be the place to find the coolest forms of supporter-made goods. Poke around and familiarize yourself with the new digs. Hopefully you'll love it as much as we loved putting it together. Also be sure to follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram.



Fellow Wonderwall Denizens,
I want to start this update by thanking you for providing such an incredible atmosphere in TCF. It is absolutely a joy to behold when we all come together and voice or otherwise make our love of MNUFC known as one.
At the same time, I am unsure if there are those among us who think it would be acceptable to do something as abhorrently idiotic as what happened in that Ottawa Fury versus Toronto FC match. We as a community need to ensure that actions like that cannot be done in our name because it would mean bans for all of us, home or away. MLS sanctions are very, very real, and we have avoided any such issues so far because we work with the front office. The Code of Conduct and Supporter Conduct Review Board, whose decisions are backed by the MNUFC front office, are other means to ensure that the actions of a small number of people do not mean punishments for the whole supporters section. But all of that depends on you, the supporter, to protect what we have from people who would ruin it, or else we’ll end up in a weird place like Atlanta and Orlando were, or worse, Section 8 and Sector Latino now.
A while back the board met and gathered various stakeholders to undergo some strategic planning, and a lot of what was discussed is currently being put into action. The work to create a 501(c)(3) is in process,which will allow us to gather donations for futsal courts, or coaching level scholarships. We are also expanding the roster of places we volunteer and groups we work with because we realized that we can do more, and now we’re living up to that. Next month’s update will highlight more of what was covered so you can see more of where this organization is headed.
Long overdue, we now have clear language outlining the requirements to be an affiliate, as well as documents to help provide answers to the “how does it all work” questions that are sure to arise. The new affiliate language will be posted on the new website, which is due to launch next week, August 1st. We will also be creating new social media accounts, to avoid confusion in the future. These will be separate from the Dark Clouds (DCMN), and will serve to gather and amplify the content being produced by DCMN, True North Elite (TNE), and the Red Loons (RL). Our goal is to make it clear that The Wonderwall is nothing without its SGs, and that there is room for many more besides DCMN, RL, and TNE to be a part of things.
As always, we cannot do what we do without the help of so many wonderful volunteers, from Keepers of the North & Dark Clouds Silver Lining, to the people who stay late to help clean up our section, to anyone who sees a thing we’re not doing enough of in their eyes and decides to help. Thank you. If you want to be involved, please stand and be counted. We can only do so much without more people to work with the community in addressing its needs.
Next month this email will be coming from a new email address. We'll be separating the communication from the Corporation and DCMN supporters group. This split is for the good of the supporters groups and to make certain that the board focus is on governance and making sure the business side of soccer support runs as best it can.